Featured Author – Sylvian Hamilton

Her bio says she’s a grandmother, living in Scotland, a Star Trek fan and a person who has had a great many different jobs to do (a thing you frequently find in all the best writers’ bios, for some odd coincidental reason). I have only read one of her books, called The Bone-Pedlar. She has another book, but her works are published in the UK, and it’s only sheer chance that I ran across this one.

I’m glad I did. It starts off with a group of monks guiltily boiling up the body of their dead bishop, in case he gets canonized and his bones become salable relics. And it goes on like that: clever, amusing, and excellently characterized. Her writing strikes me as fairly similar to Bujold (see the sidebars) in its clever twisting, wry humor and true feeling. That’s high praise.

I am not sure about the dialect she’s using, which struck me as variations on modern English dialects. However, I’m not entirely qualified to judge that, being an American who has not done enough research into the world of 1209 to tell. But it certainly works for the story. Has anyone else got an idea about this?

In any case, she’s a good writer and I really enjoyed this book. If anyone has read it and has an alternate opinion, feel free to speak up!


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