Critiques – Part Three – Resources

Here are some useful sites. The first ones are critique-specific, while the rest are just helpful sites that can get your writing going. Remember my bias toward fantasy and related genres; many sites will be in that category.

I’d like to remind you at this point that I really need some critiquers myself. See my post as of June 4, 2008 for details.

Please let me know if any of these are not still active! If you have any other favorite sites that are related, please post them in the comments, and I’ll add them to this list. – The main Critters Workshop site. One of the most useful sites ever in the history of fantasy/sf writing. Join if you can possibly spare the time. – Also from Critters, the best set of resources on critiquing (and other facets of writing) that I know of on the web. If you don’t go to any other resources, go to this one. – Submit 13 lines of your short story, get a critique. What could be better? Katherine Kerr’s site. – National Novel Writing Month is September. Write 50K words in a month–you can do it! Support and tips in general. – The presenting site is for dog names, but there are name suggestions for a lot of other things. They can be very helpful when you’re stuck for a name for your character. Vampires. Names of famous Mexicans. Dragons. Pirates. Slavic. Norwegian. Etc. – These are things publishers frown on. There are a lot. – Resources for readers and writers of erotica. Also has a series of links with even more useful information. – A useful and up-to-date site listing many publication markets with response times and current news, such as whether they’re accepting submissions at the moment. – Another market site, differently set up, including agents. This one’s searchable with parameters such as genre, length, etc.


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