Nearly didn’t make it

I’m about to turn 41. Go me! Seriously, there were a few times when I almost didn’t get here.

19, before my kids were even considered, riding in a pickup truck when the back tires both blew out at once. Swerve, tumble, flip, BANG BANG BANG. It flipped and rolled three times over. My husband at the time had been a stock car driver; his reflexes caught me before I hit the windshield and saved him too–the roof was below dashboard level when it finally came to rest, and we broke out the back window and got out of the car. If we’d had seat belts on, we’d have died.

A whole lifetime away, just this recent May, diabetic ketoacidosis almost took me away from my kids and family and friends. Turning point, perspective gain… you know, you tell your kids that Bad Things will happen if they’re not careful, and consequences are real… and they don’t listen, and you think kids are just like that… they’ll learn someday, when the Bad Thing really happens. But what you don’t realize is that you’re going to spend the rest of your life still learning that lesson, still growing up.

Hoping to keep growing up, even when I start running down.


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