By the way…

November is coming! (aheh, originally said September, thanks to my friend for pointing this out)

National Novel Writing Month

It’s really worth your time to do this, whether you consider yourself a writer or not. I learned that I can do pretty well even when I have to force myself. It’s never been a matter of producing enough words; if I’m working, I put out a lot per day. But when I’m stopped, I’m really stopped. So this was very helpful. And for those of you who have a hard time getting past 10K words, or who bog themselves down in chasing the perfect word choice, this is an excellent boot camp for getting over that.

And besides, it’s a good way to network with other writers. And there is advice on tap from famous authors. Neil Gaiman did one of the weekly articles last year. It’s even rumored that editors and agents are involved.

Now’s the time to find out about it, sign up for an account on the website, and start gearing up! (Back up the coffee truck…)


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