I’m struggling with one right now. It’s about 50K words and needs to be closer to 75K and I’m not too fond of it as a story anyhow. But it’s good–don’t get me wrong–it’s just that I don’t *like* it. Partly because I completed it during National Novel Writing Month, so it was sort of ‘forced’ and I was going more for the daily word count than for enjoying the work. That has carried over into a grudge against the piece.

On top of that, majorly reworking a piece has never been my strong point. It’s got a lot of inconsistencies (when you need to produce about 1500 words a day, you’re not worrying about consistency) and a lot of questions left unanswered. Nevertheless, I have a strong motivation for polishing and finishing it. I am just not good at redoing it. Typically, apart from merely tightening and correcting and fixing dubious word choices, I don’t really ‘fix’ a piece of fiction. I don’t swap scenes around, or anything. When a piece needs this much work, I’ll either abandon it or start over from word one. I don’t want to do either one, on this one.

So yeah, opportunity to learn something.


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