Do you ever find yourself stalling? When you sit down in front of that blinking cursor or that empty page, or even in front of a half-completed work, do you find that the dishes suddenly become more attractive, or you’ve forgotten to do something important–anything, so long as it’s something else?

We say we love to write. Almost all writers say this, because it’s not a money making proposition unless you’re one of the few indeed. So we do it for love. Yet we find ourselves stalling.

Once I’m fairly into a piece, it’s hard to stop, generally. But getting into it in the first place is difficult for me! I wonder what risk I think I’m taking, what makes me pull back from getting into the flow.

It’s actually pretty much the same as exercise. It’s difficult to get myself to get started, and I have to lash myself to get moving. At the end of the first ten minutes of walking, I hit a sort of resistance, my body asking, “Do you really mean to go on with this?” After that, if I do go on, my body lets go of the resources it was holding on to and walking gets comfortable and feels good, until I really do become tired.

I wonder if there’s any connection between these things?


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