Working Again

I’ve picked up a novel that I stopped writing around a year ago, I think it was. And gotten back into it, and written perhaps a page’s worth.

Now, in between this and the last time I felt I was successfully working… let’s see, that would be upon finishing Becka, before I went into the hospital in mid April… I’ve written about 40,000 words. Mostly in the blog, but some fiction. None of it was finished, but there were a lot of good starts. And I did some revision on a completed (but really, really needs work) novel from last November. And I have done a really lot of other things, such as promotion, edits and support for Djinn and Becka, and submitting Fear and Desire.

So here I am with about 2000 additional words on Wood and the Wire, and no guarantee it’ll progress much more. So why does it only now feel like I’m working again? 🙂


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