Epic Red Tape

I’ve spent the day drowning in bureaucracy. Trying to get my 14 year old a social security number. Evidently she’s never had one. We always thought she did, but I didn’t know what it was; school registration’s always been okay with that. But now we need it, and it turns out she was never issued one. The hospital in California where she was born never sent in the application.

So now I have to prove she didn’t move out of the country–why have me prove a negative? The schools don’t have records before 6th grade and it was only accidental they had it back that far. So I have spent all day today and most of yesterday going from office to school to other school to office again. We STILL don’t have a number; I have to find two people who can certify that she has been in the US since she was born and get a statement from them.

This is like some awful World of Warcraft quest chain where you have to go all across the world from continent to continent to bring back a rabbit skin or something. There’s not that much XP, and the reward sucks.

I’ll talk about writing tomorrow.


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