Well, it’s less than two weeks to go till the World Science Fiction Convention comes to town. I’m so there. Is anyone else coming? If you’re going to be there, and interested in meeting up with me for lunch one of the days, please contact me ahead and let me know! See the contact email over to the right there.

So has anyone been an aspiring writer and been to a convention? Do you network? What do you do? I have bookmarks for Djinn, I have business cards. But should I also carry around manuscripts, as some sites recommend? Some also dis-recommend it, if that’s a word. I know myself well enough to know that I just don’t have it in me to accost random agents foolish enough to identify themselves as such and say, “Now, I happen to have here…” But if it came up in conversation, I could probably mention that I have one and see if they were interested. Even that seems like a stretch of etiquette to me, but many websites say you should be even more aggressive.

So is there a voice of greater experience out there? If a person identifies as an agent or publisher, do they find it greatly offensive to be hit up for readings by random aspiring writers? Or are they really out there hoping to make contact with new authors?

Help me out 🙂


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