Free Critiques

(Don’t forget the Denver Worldcon writing meetup!)

I’d love to post critiques here, partly to show what I can do with them, partly to help give examples of critiquing, and help show what I do and don’t like in fiction, and lots of things like that. But what I was contemplating doing today has suddenly been canceled!

I was reading a novel I found in a library and thinking, ‘This would be perfect for a critique on the site; it’s got good and bad things about it, and I know just what to say.’ I could give props to the author, and draw people’s attention to the book (which isn’t by one of those highly popular authors you see around all the time, and everybody can use publicity).

But then it struck me that unless he’s Michael Crichton, which he isn’t, most of my readers wouldn’t know what I was commenting on unless I posted the first several pages of the novel, which is all I was planning to critique. And I can’t do that. It would violate copyright, I’m fairly sure.

So I can’t do that. Here’s what I thought I’d do instead.

Got any short stories, or first chapters, that you’d like to have critiqued? And that you aren’t planning to publish in their current incarnation, too, because once it’s up on a public website, many publishers will no longer buy first rights. If you have anything like that, let me know and I will post it on a new page and do a detailed critique of it, and other people who read this site will have an opportunity to add their remarks! This is a very powerful opportunity to improve your work. Give it a shot!


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