Worldcon – About Thursday

(Don’t forget the Denver Worldcon writing meetup!)

So it seems I have some latent schmooze genes after all, doubtless inherited from my father. I went to the Rising Stars 101 panel, run by the Haldemans, and heard a lot of the same questions that I’ve heard before, both at the con and otherwise, from the aspiring and-or slightly published writer. Do I need an agent? (At some point you will; why not now? And you usually need one to get started, but not always.) How long do you wait before querying to see if they did receive your manuscript? (Six months; if no response then give them another three; query again; if still no response, then send a polite statement saying you’re going to pull it and send it elsewhere.) And so on.

Joe Haldeman has the luck I need. His wife is much more organized and outgoing than he is. She does the record keeping, pokes him when a deadline is coming up, gets him out there and meeting with the fans, and stands between him and the world when he’s working. I need a one of them!

They also hosted a reception for people who wanted to push their work, and/or meet one another–basically a schmooze session. I’m the shy sort. Nevertheless, inspired by the panel, I went along and I think I was pretty good. I shook hands, introduced myself, mentioned my work after asking about theirs, talked about the ins and outs of small press publishing, and smoothly moved on to the next person. I might have some latent ability to do all this. That gives me hope.

And I learned once and for all that I’m committed to this. I have a much better idea now, of what that means. It means that the writing, hard as it is, requiring as much persistence, discipline and dedication as it does, is only HALF THE WORK. The other half is financial savvy, record keeping, organization, market-type thinking, and self-promotion, all the things I’m not good at. But I found out these are things that can be learned.

So my life is changing. And that’s what it’s changing into. After 30 years of knowing I’m a writer, I now suddenly find out what that means. And folks?

I really am a writer.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cliff Burns
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 07:53:51

    Best of luck with your work, hope events like WorldCon are encouraging. Have never met Mr. Haldeman but I’m a fan of his book FOREVER WAR and I’m glad he makes himself available to aspiring writers.

    Keep putting one word ahead of the next…

  2. asherose
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 07:45:56

    Thanks very much! Yes, he and his wife were wonderful folk. He went along to newbie writers’ readings and tried to find something good to say. Very kind. 🙂

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