Worldcon – About Sunday

Well, it was easily the funniest day of the Worldcon, the last day. My friend brought the four-foot inflatable Dalek. Not only were we able to get it a nametag reading ‘A. Dalek’ from ‘Skaro’, but it won a prize for best hall costume, which was just too silly. They let it sit on the Doctor Who panel! It also successfully terrorized a small child, so the dalek had a good day too.

Dalek With Hall Costume Prie

Dalek With Hall Costume Prize

I got to go to Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Katherine Rusch’s panel, which turned my thinking around on a number of points. I’ve no head for business, and need to have; a writer basically is a small business. But of course the business of publishing is different from any other. Anyhow, it was an extremely good panel. I learned a lot; I would not hesitate to say that this panel alone was worth the admission.

All told, we had a great deal of fun at the con, managed not to burn ourselves out, and I took many opportunities and learned a great deal. It has literally changed my life, into the life of a professional writer, although my status is only the very beginning stages of that.

I expect great things, as Connie Willis would say.


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