Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It’s off to school they go… the school year starts today. This mostly means that I have a new schedule involving a lot of driving people around. Well, okay, that’s not new. The schedule part is.

For writing, it mostly means that I have an excellent chance to discipline myself. There’s some picking up and dropping off in the just-after-lunch category, so I can’t be taking the school day and going out of town, or shopping with my family, as I used to. Thus, all my weekday mornings from 7 am to noon are going to be empty and I will be able to really make myself use that time for writing.

For personal stuff, it means that my oldest daughter is having her last year of high school! Cheers and throwing popcorn! She’s 18. I don’t feel like I’m getting old on that account. I do feel like some form of imminent freedom is on its way, even though it’s still 3 years for the other one to be 18, and what with college, I shall probably be doing the mom thing for a lot of years to come. But the door is cracking open nevertheless.

Not that I feel I’m in prison or anything. Being a mom is my primary self, my primary thing that I’m doing with my life. Writing comes in a very close second, however, and it will be nice to be able to turn my energy to that and not feel that I’m neglecting my babies at home or anything. Being a SINGLE mom is why the writing is only now becoming a career, instead of a… um. I don’t have a word. It’s never been a hobby. It’s never been a vocation. It’s always been part of me, just never something I could consider making a life out of, because there was too much life in the way.

Soon, not so much.


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