Soundtrack – Burn

Yes, folks, for the first time you can read the story and get the soundtrack at the same time! Assuming you can find all the songs, that is. That’s the reason I posted another soundtrack, so soon after the last one. Tomorrow we’ll get back to business again.

It’s probably no coincidence that most of these songs are from the 80’s (or their original versions were) which is when I was sixteen.

1. Where Is Love and Happiness – Anything Box

2. Burn – The Cure

3. Be With You – The Bangles

4. There’s a Heart Here – The Call

5. This Silent World – Chris de Burgh

6. More Than a Party – Depeche Mode

7. The First Cut – Eurythmics

8. With or Without You – Electron Love Theory

9. Tonight is What it Means to Be Young – Jim Steinman/Fire, Inc.

10. Gravity’s Angel – Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel

11. Hope Alone – Indigo Girls

12. Craving (I Only Want What I Can’t Have) Bollywood Mix – T.A.T.U.

13. Now and Then – Blackmore’s Night

14. Together in Electric Dreams – Georgio Moroder and Phil Oakly (from Electric Dreams OST)


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