The Dreaded Synopsis

I struggle very much with these, and lately it occurred to me that I’m going about it wrong. There are all sorts of articles about how to write them, and the articles aren’t much help, I feel. Then I realized that neither would how-to-write-fiction articles be any use if I hadn’t read a really, really lot of fiction.

If you need to be a reader to be a good writer (and you do)… and you need to read a lot of the type of fiction you want to write (and you do)… then in order to write a good synopsis, what I need is to read a great many synopses.

But where are they? There don’t seem to be lists of them. You can get a few sample cover letters for submissions here and there. You can get blurbs on the back of any novel–some good, some hideous. But no big collections of synopses posted on the web. It’s the Hidden Step.

Anyone know of any?


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