Submission Guidelines

Just read them. Make sure you do. Read them and follow them. They are not posted or printed for fun; they’re there to show you what the editor/publisher really, actually, genuinely wants from you. If you don’t follow them, it’s an automatic rejection. That’s a waste of time, don’t you think?

Worse than that, it increases the slush pile. I just read a very depressing article about the slush pile. According to the article, there’s no way to use it to get published anymore. Unsolicited manuscripts are not being properly read even by those few publishers who claim to still take them on. They’re being left in the pile for months, then glanced at. The vast majority of stuff in the slush pile is awful, not formatted correctly, or obviously the writer hasn’t read the guidelines but is just firing blind. This makes the occasional gem in the pile very unlikely to shine, because nobody will aim a light at it.


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