The Great Compression

Time. It goes at a different rate now than it did when I was younger. I think I figured out why.

Specifically, my girls are growing up. One is already eighteen. The other is fifteen. They are going to grow up, go to college (or not) and get out of my house. They are going to leave. It’s going to happen. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But with one only fifteen, that’s at least three years and probably closer to seven years before they’re both moved out. So why is it I keep thinking ‘almost’? It’s not like I’m just dying to get them out of the nest, although I am eager to have a little more personal freedom for things like traveling.

When I was a teenager, seven years was a looooooong time. Now, at 41, seven years is just not that far. I think there are two reasons. One, I’m not changing as fast. At fifteen, a single year was enough to make a full personality and body change. A seventeen year old is light-years away from a fifteen year old. A 43 year old isn’t that different from a 41 year old. So the changes have slowed down. In seven years, I won’t be a whole different person–just a somewhat different one, who has learned more, done more, and maybe had at least one love affair, Fate willing.

The other thing is mathematical. For a fifteen year old, seven years is nearly half her life. For me, it’s only a seventh. So to her, seven years is what twenty years is to me–only even more so, because of the quickly-changing thing.

Remember that when you write, she said to hastily plug this into the writing blog. Your characters who are younger will find that a year is a long time, but the older ones won’t.


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