Keep the Passion For the Page

Yes, fall in love with your work. Whatever you’re working on right now should be the best piece you ever wrote, and the finest writing in the world. But when it’s finished and revised… you must let it go. Start writing something else, which you can fall in love with all over again, and the finished piece must suddenly turn into a business matter.

That’s not easy. But if you’re going to send it out, have it rejected, send it out again, rinse and repeat, you have to do that. People are going to say bad things about it, or worse, say nothing about it at all and just reject it. If someone buys it, you’re going to go through a long process of editing it that will make you so tired of the piece and the words in it that you might begin to hate it. And then there’s the marketing, where you must treat it like the product it is. Ultimately, if you go through all that still thinking of it as your baby, you will have a lot of pain.

So pour your passion into whatever you’re writing, and then let it go, so you can turn it into a product that needs to be polished, packaged and promoted.


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