Featured Author – Dave Barry

Although long known as a hysterically funny humor columnist, Mr. Barry has recently moved into the world of fiction. I have to be careful with his collections of columns. It’s not considered polite, while in a restaurant or waiting in line at the grocery store, to suddenly burst out laughing. People edge away.

He has recently written, with Ridley Pearson and Greg Call, a pair of novels about Peter Pan’s adventures before Wendy showed up. I haven’t read those, although I hope to get my hands on them soon. Before that were a couple of really excellent crime novels, Big Trouble and Tricky Business. They were very much in a Donald Westlake vein, and I enjoyed them very much.

He has an enviable ability to be writing comedy that makes me giggle (one of the very few writers that actually does make me laugh out loud in public) and then suddenly, without transition, take a hard right turn into seriousness that is as powerful and poignant as it’s possible to be. He doesn’t do it very often, which is good; it would seriously confuse my tear ducts, to the point where they couldn’t tell whether they were letting out tears of laughter or sorrow.


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  1. The Never Fairy
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 10:45:46

    His Peter Pan novels are more so prequels to the Disney movie.
    Compared to J.M. Barrie’s original stories, there are MANY contradictions.
    For the only Pan book that’s true to Barrie, check out:


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