Archetype – Lost Boys

As always, my disclaimer – these archetypes are the ones I use in my own head, not objective ones.

The originals, of course, were in Peter Pan. They’re a little savage, a little wild, but lovable. In fact we’re in love with all of them, a little. But while they have personality quirks to distinguish one from another, they’re really a pack, not individual characters. They usually have a front man who is the main character, but they aren’t just there to add to his mystique. They would still hang together without him.

Interestingly enough, while I thought of lots of examples, many of them are on the dark side.

Peter’s boys, of course. Almost any pirate pack, whether Penzance or Captain Jack’s. The vampire flock in the movie entitled ‘Lost Boys’. The Time Bandits. Occasionally, the companions of the Doctor, the ultimate Peter Pan. The castaways of Lord of the Flies.

Counterexamples: the members of Torchwood are a group following a leader, yet they are each individual characters with their own stories, not a collective lost boys group. Those other castaways, from Gilligan’s Island (I can reach for any cultural icon I want, I say) were also individual characters, despite the fact that some of them were featherheads.


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