Under Pressure

Have you ever had to work to a deadline? I haven’t ever had this honor, so I have nothing about it but questions. How does it feel?

Does the clear and certain fact that someone wants your work and wants it at a specific time tend to motivate you? Or does the pressure make you rebellious and likely to turn it in late, like a school essay? How does it feel when the deadline is for a novel, and might be quite far away? Do you procrastinate until it’s near enough that you have to hurry? Or do you get things done early and feel relief?

I’ve had deadlines in other areas of life. I usually do okay, although sometimes I put it off till the last minute. In school I used to do that all the time, certainly, though in my job I tended to be on time. I was the boss, after all.

Now I’m the boss again. Who knows what will happen?


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