Buzz Words

I’m on the blurb team at Lyrical Press. What we do is get together every week and polish up a couple of blurbs that authors have written for their upcoming stories at Lyrical. This process has been very helpful for me. I daresay I write a much better blurb than I used to.

The rules are, advertise your book in 250 words or less. There is also a tagline, 15 words or less. The tagline is meant to be just a hook–make the reader interested in 15 words. The blurb itself is similar; it’s not a synopsis. It does have to show some of what happens and involve you in the character a little, but it’s like the movie trailer, not meant to tell everything, just meant to arouse your interest.

I find that one of my skills is changing a regular word into a buzz word. Like ‘in a night of love spent with George, she learns…’ can turn into ‘her night of fiery passion with George leaves her questioning…’ More cliches are allowed in your blurb, although you can’t go overboard. But buzz words, terms that just bring up the interest, are important in your blurb and your tagline. It’s something to know.


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