Off the Cuff

How often do you have to write something, without any preparation, just riffle it off like it was nothing? I recently had a very sad incident where my beloved computer had a problem. It’s in the shop still. There I was, thinking, gee, it’s been too long since I changed my excerpt here on this site. I can’t just let it stay the same till my computer gets back. The problem was, I have a work in progress (it’s going to be funny, apparently—a humorous paranormal romance. Genre lines? What genre lines?) and wanted to give you an excerpt from that. But the first few pages of it were on my missing computer!

So instead I just opened the excerpt widget and typed on in. It’s a bit of story from a little farther along than I was, and now that I’m catching up to it, it looks like it won’t go down just that way. So what you have has the feel of the piece I’m writing, but may not be actual text within it. Interesting, no?


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