Being a Child

Creativity is our lifeblood, as writers. We need it. We need to minimize in our lives the presence of things that stifle, block or disapprove of our creativity. We need to spend some time indulging it, and if we allow it to run free for part of the time, we will be able to yoke it to our careers and it will pull like crazy. In short, the more we are creative, the more we are creative.

One of the most important things that feeds your creativity is play. Childlike play. When we play around, fool around, mess around, be silly, laugh, toy with things, do things with toys, we are allowing the creative part of our minds, which is largely an unconscious part, free rein. It gets exercise, nourishment and learning that way. And those things will translate into better writing.

So in addition to reading every day and writing every day (and killing your television, see previous posts) one of the most important things you can do for your writing career is unformatted, unscheduled play.

Buy some Legos. Chase children or dogs around. Sing in the shower. Run on trails. Go dancing. Do things nobody else will do. Above all, do things that make you look ridiculous. You’ll be working on your writing career, and the child or dog will love it. The added benefit is that you’ll learn the freedom to be ridiculous, a wonderful thing.


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