Saw a panel of six writers last night, ranging from one or two books out to twenty, ranging from little-known romance author to most award-winning sf author in the history of the genre. Each and every one of them agreed that they were still very poor writers and using their best tricks to bluff the readers into being fooled that their stuff was worth reading. They went further to say that a writer needs to cherish that lack of self-esteem, or they would be happy with the first draft.

In addition, they all claimed they were ragingly arrogant and that writers needed to be that too. The arrogance comes in when you decide that what’s in your head, once written down, is something that other people will pay money for, so you send it off to a publisher. Then you ignore the first twenty people who send you little slips of paper saying no, it’s not worth spending money on, and send it out some more.

It’s a wonder we’re not all schizophrenic. 🙂


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