Slight Format Change

So NaNo approaches! In order to gear up for that, I am slightly changing the way I do things. As a general rule, I’ve been blogging first, along with email reading and so on, basically doing marketing and catching-up things first in the morning, then writing. I’m going to change that to the other way around. I have built up a strong feeling of obligation to this blog, with an ethic to absolutely post every day. Now I’m going to use that as a tool.

In order to post on here, I must first have done a significant amount of writing. That’s not including research and idea-munching, which I usually do in the afternoon anyhow. But actually getting words on page. Therefore, the daily posts will probably be coming a little later in the morning.

In addition, I’m going to post my word count and whatever else I’ve done since the last post at the bottom of each post. This will help me to achieve goals as well!

So! Since yesterday’s post, here’s what I’ve done to advance my fiction.

Word Count: 1838
Learning: Went to Sunday at the Mile Hi Convention, got a lot of good information, signed up to go to Opus, found out about some marketing books, etc
Marketing: Mentioned the free read on various groups, Amused Authors, and Deviant


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