It’s very hard to write in a vaccuum. But sometimes feedback is hard to find. It’s easy enough to get it on the Internet though, and that’s very helpful. My thanks to those who have offered to read my stuff through my website here. Anyone interested, please email me at the email there on the right. Thanks.

In addition to one-on-one internet feedback, there are many groups. For fantasy and science fiction short story writers, I highly recommend Critters if you have the time. It is so choice–oh wait, I’ve gotten off onto movie quotes 🙂

However, there are ways you can feed back to yourself. Set goals, ease into your committment, and keep records. If you keep track of how much time you spend doing things that advance your goal, you can see it gradually getting better. Don’t hit yourself in the head if your work isn’t as stellar today as it was yesterday. How is the trend over a lot of time?

You can also make a to-do list and cross it off, or organize your goals on a planner. There’s a lot of satisfaction in crossing off something you accomplished. It’s a lot like World of Warcraft. One of the big reasons (in my opinion) for its millions-of-people success is that sense of having gotten something done. You go to the quest giver, he says bring me back the dripping, oozing head of Big Bad Guy. You go do that and come back to the quest giver, and he says Yay! We’re saved! and pats you on the head and hands you some coins. It’s all virtual, nothing real about it, just like crossing off the item on your to-do list (except of course then you have actually accomplished something in the real world, so it’s even better) but it leads you on with a desire to do the next task.

Just like anything else, with writing, the better you do, the better you do.

Word count: 1250
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