It’s hard to write funny. Dave Barry does it very well, and so does Terry Pratchett, and Donald Westlake. I think, for me, I especially like humorous writing that crosses over and is something else as well, which is even harder. All humor (in my own opinion) shows us something about the human condition, as much as does passionate writing or dramatic writing. When a writer can make me laugh and cry at the same time, then it’s a big win.

Not that I laugh out loud. Well, when Dave Barry is writing about dogs, I do. I can’t help it. No way. But otherwise, I don’t seem to laugh out loud in public when reading stuff. That’s why I hand my work off to Pam, my dear friend. She is more beautiful and less inhibited than I am, and when she laughs, the whole world lights up. I watch her read my work and get all the emotional reactions, so I can tell whether I did it right. I think she’s annoyed by the fact that when she laughs I poke her and ask what it was, so I can tell if it was something I meant to be funny. But it’s worth it. The word ‘indispensable’ comes to mind.

We need readers, all of us. How can we live without them?

Word Count: 1998
Other: Research, posting, commenting, went to NaNoWriMo kickoff party


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