I admit it. I’m a DVD commentary slut.

I love movies, watch lots of them on DVD, and I’m a big fan of commentary. I like director commentary for its insights into what the creative control of the movie was intended to be, compared to how it came out. Learning a lot about how to structure a movie, create a mood, and often most importantly what was cut out of the movie and why, has been helpful in my writing. You never know what will be part of your learning as a writer. The short answer is ‘everything’.

I like actor commentary too. Frequently it’s because they get to know each other really well during the months of filming, and have a good rapport. It’s their banter, the sound of friendly voices, and the give and take. I suppose those are also useful when writing dialogue, so that counts too.

Mostly I just like commentary.

Word Count: 3688


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  1. Derek Jensen
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 13:25:34

    Are you familiar with, The House of Commentaries? They are mostly fan commentaries for movies and TV, but some are official commentaries by the producers, directors, and actors.

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