When you grow tired of a friend, lover or companion, or lose interest in them at all, it’s easy to think you’re doing them a favor by not telling them. After all, you don’t want to see the hurt in their eyes. But what you’re really doing is a cruelty that, because everyone else is a coward too, can accumulate to make their whole lives a little more painful.

When you lose interest in someone, no matter how much you had at stake, it’s cruel to just fade away. Stop answering emails, let them always be the first to make contact, pull your heart away–it seems like that would hurt them less than sitting down and saying “I’m sorry, but I don’t have that much interest in you anymore.”

But it’s cruel, cruel. Silence, uncertainty, lack of communication, lack of information… these things hurt much worse than a clean sharp moment of realization. Don’t be afraid to tell them, don’t be the kind of coward that fails to hurt briefly, face to face, in favor of hurting forever as long as it doesn’t affect you directly. Give them that moment of pain, let them know the truth, and then they can stop investing in YOU. They deserve that, if you ever cared about them at all, or even if you only care about them as a fellow human being.

Closure. Give it. Improve the human race today.

Word count: 3046


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