Good Love

I will be the first to admit that you need conflict in a story, even in a love story. But why are there so few love stories where the relationship is good? There are other sorts of conflict, and a good, strong, enjoyable relationship can offer much in the way of character sympathy, humor and banter, reader approval, many other good things. Is it because writers as a class have a hard time having good relationships and we have to write what we know? (That’s a joke, folks.)

I have in mind a series of three movies. I’m not going to say which ones; those who have seen them may well figure out what I mean. But in the first two, one of the great things about the movies was the love affair between the two main characters. They had the usual rocky road to love in the first one, but it was clear they were headed there, and when it happened, it happened beautifully. Throughout the second movie, they were deeply in love, joyous with one another, sexy and happy. This did not make it a slow film at all: there was plenty of action, conflict, suspense and special effects. However, in the third movie the whole thing fell down. They changed the actress, for a start, and then pretended they hadn’t for the most part (big mistake. Huge.) and worse… they changed the relationship. Suddenly it was a story about a couple divided by the man’s lack of relationship to his son, which was soooo not true in the second movie (where the son was introduced). FAIL. Big, huge, hairy fail.

There’s nothing wrong with a good love story, whether in a romance or in any other fiction… but there’s also nothing wrong with good love.

Word Count: 2788


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