Hey folks, my NaNo novel, Disform, is almost complete. I think it’s going to be salable, after revision. It’s coherent and holding up well. The difference, I think, is that I laid out an idea (less than an outline, more than a premise) for how the whole thing would go first. I don’t do well with outlines; I tend to feel that I’ve pretty much told the story, and go looking for the next one. That might be different now, with my higher level of discipline, but I do know that I would diverge from the outline in pretty short order. I’m a character-driven writer, and they don’t always do what I expected them to do.

Anyhow, Disform is about a college student who has many choices ahead of her in life. Such as, do I kill the monsters, save the monsters, or fall in love with the monsters? It’s a young adult novel, I guess, and/or a paranormal fantasy. It has no vampires, werewolves or ghosts in it though. That’s on purpose. I’m a little worn out by the trendiness of vampire love stories.

It has romantic elements, but is not a romance per se. I think young adult adventure is the best place to put it. Wish me luck. 🙂

Word Count: 2245


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