Free Read of the Month

The Free Read this month is Part One of a longish story, perhaps even a novella, that has a curious history. Long ago, in the early 1990s, (okay, it FEELS like long ago) I was writing erotica for free, for people reading a certain moderated newsgroup designed for the purpose. I also did some reviewing, I seem to recall. It was nice; I got lots of approval and the whole thing probably improved my writing. I still have most of those old stories.

One of them, Fear and Desire, was about a girl afflicted with fear of heights, and what happened when an angel blew into her apartment during a storm. I recently got re-interested in this old idea. WIthout reading the original, I wrote it again, from scratch. Now, this makes the permissions on it a bit confusing. It’s a new story, but a retell of an old story that was offered free to the public. So where are the first publication rights on the new story? (Copyright is not the issue, as both stories were written by yours truly.)

In any case, I here and now decide to solve this issue by giving this version away free too. It was originally erotica, so you will find it’s quite sensual, with lots of touch, and then in deference to WordPress regulations I have taken out the sex scene itself and toned down the language a bit. So it will build to a, um, climax that doesn’t really happen, just turns into a long kiss scene. But the basic story is there, with its resolution–I’ve just taken out the explicit sex.

If you want the unexpurgated version, you’re welcome to email me, avowing you’re legally able to receive it, and I’ll send it you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the slightly less explicit version. 🙂

Word Count: 294


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