Critiques, Blurbs and Posting, O My!

Ah yes, doing serious critiques again. It’s always a pleasure to read new fiction, especially that of new voices. I enjoy it very much. But it’s hard to do critiques. Interestingly, my personal pendulum has swung from being too shy, feeling that my remarks will be less than helpful and that I know very little about the whole thing anyway… to being too arrogant, having to tone down my language from ‘as you know, this is more correct’ to ‘I felt this worked less well for me than it could have.’ Nevertheless, I’m proud to say I still give good critique.

I’m beginning to think I give good blurb as well. I’ve been on the publishing blurb team now for quite a while, and the process is streamlined now. Input is equal from all of us, and that’s good. I think it’s really sharpened my ability to think in marketing terms and to write those short, punchy blurbs. It’s been good for me in exactly the way I thought and hoped it would be.

It is, as a friend of mine observed, like Christmas. I’ve had the fun, now, of doing the giving (well, of doing the selecting and wrapping–the actual giving will be in the discussion at the meeting itself). Wonder what I’m gonna get?

Word Count approximately 3000, all in critiques, blurbs and posts


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