New Ideas

It’s been just about exactly a month since I finished “Disform.” During that time I’ve done some revision, although more awaits the rest of its critiquing, and I’ve tried and tried to come up with a sequel. I have several ideas for it, but they have failed to come together.

However, a new story has recommended itself to me. It’s a fantasy tale, with strong romantic elements, about the hidden secrets in a woman’s bloodline, the nature of tiny mountain towns, and what happens when life imitates art. It’s called Pocket Gods. Or maybe The Winter People. I’m not sure which yet.

I’m not allowing myself to start the actual text until I have a synopsis of the full story; this is to avoid three-quarter wall syndrome, which is what happens if I start without some idea of what happens through till the end. I have done this many times, and what tends to happen is that three quarters of the way through, I no longer have any idea of what needs to happen, and I get stuck. Frequently that’s when I decide the whole project was a mistake and the writing is terrible and I should scrap the lot. (Apparently this happens to many writers who are published and have a great career, also.)

So, to avoid that problem, I am writing a full synopsis. I might not follow it, but at least it’s somewhere to go if I get stuck. It worked with Disform, so we’ll see how it goes here.

I’ll post an excerpt when I have it. 🙂


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