Spending the Time

…and the money. Would you expect to learn to be a plumber, an accountant, a doctor, without scads of training and education? No.

Out of all the legal professions, only parenting and writing are considered to be very difficult crafts requiring a great deal of work and expertise, yet nobody feels the need to make parents or writers undergo training or practice.

Just my luck I’m doing both.

So: anybody with no cash can make a baby and have a bash at parenting, and anybody with no cash can get a pen and paper and have a bash at writing. I won’t speak to the former at the moment. Where can you get writing training?

The good news is that it’s all around you. Read. That’s the basic high school course, and the career college course, and the continuing education as well. Read. Never stop.

Beyond that, there are writing classes you can take (watch out for scams!) and conventions and meetups and critique groups and how-to books and other writers and a thousand, thousand websites. Much of this is free or low cost, so we do have it over many other professions. On the other hand, the competition is, if not stiff, at least an overwhelming flood.

Luck, yes. Talent, yes. But practice, persistence, hard work, and never giving up will trump them all.


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