Two Things…

There are two things you need to do FIRST.

Before you worry about how good you are, what genre you’re in, how marketable your work is, how to improve it, or whether it’s too derivative. While you’re still writing fan fiction. Before you get out of being too shy to show it. Before you take a single class, read a single how-to book, make a single revision note, before you even check your spelling.

Before you call yourself a writer at all, even within your secret heart.

First, be a reader. For pleasure, in your own time, for the joy of it.

Second, write things that you finish. FINISH. Short, long or otherwise, bring your stories to a conclusion at least three times (to show you consistently can) before you take any other steps along this career path.

If you do those two things, you are already halfway there. Already head and shoulders over most people who call themselves writers.

If you don’t do those two things, you aren’t anywhere.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. itcanbefun
    Apr 07, 2009 @ 10:05:51

    This was very inspiring and genuine. I’m new to blogging and writing. I’ve been toying with the idea to write for quite sometime. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. asherose
    Apr 08, 2009 @ 08:39:58

    Anytime! I only post that advice so sternly because I’ve been there myself. I have way more unfinished pieces than finished ones. And I know people who spend their entire time getting every word perfect, and as a result don’t finish anything. It just isn’t possible to publish something unless you can get in the habit of finishing stuff.

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