Fear and Desire

Great news! My erotic novella, ‘Fear and Desire’, has been accepted for contract by Lyrical Press!

Some few (very few) may have remembered this piece, which was up in incomplete form as a free read here. I think maybe one person requested the whole thing.

However, that is only the last stop for the long and checkered history of this story.

Sometime in the 90’s… I could find out if I really tried, but let’s not… I wrote a story called Fear and Desire. At that time I was writing free erotica for a moderated news board, under the name of rosemerry. You can probably still find some. I don’t advise it. Some of the elements of my current fiction are there, the name Sharadzi from Djinn for example (in a totally different story) and a few others.

But the thing is, the old Fear and Desire was written then. I say the ‘old’ version, because what happened is, I was considering writing a new erotica piece for Lyrical and mining the past for ideas (as every writer does). And I thought, what about that story? Maybe if I polish it up…

But instead of doing that, I rewrote it from scratch. I didn’t even read the old version, just wrote a new version based on the same idea. It is more or less the same story, just written as I would write it now instead of as I would write it then. Hopefully much better!

So the new version is now to be published. And that’s the odd, patchwork history of ‘Fear and Desire’. I hope when it comes out, it’ll be worth the wait!


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