Local Writer’s Group

I’m starting a local, face to face critique group in my area, the Denver, Colorado area. It’s going to have a format of a closed Yahoo group, wherein we will post our files to be critiqued; then bring written critique to the next meeting. That way we don’t have to print out lots of pages, just the critiques, and can take our time to read them over and think about them.

Meetings will probably be weekly, with no requirement to attend every time, and there will be some workshopping, at least in writing good critiques, possibly in other areas both about the craft and the business of writing.

This critique-workshop situation is being set up for those wishing to make a committment to career writing; in other words, they want to get published and keep improving, and keep writing after first publication to further their career. There are at least two published authors in the group. There will be a small weekly word count requirement, which can be taken out in critiques or in fiction output, so if there are those interested in critiquing and learning about writing, but are not yet working on a piece, they can still make a valuable contribution.

If you’re local to Denver and are interested in joining up, please email me at asherose at earthlink dot net. We’d love to see you there!

Word Count: 235


First Snow

It’s the first real snow of the year here in Denver. Well, that depends on your definition of ‘real snow’. It’s all feathery and fluffy and white out there, but the roads aren’t icy. Truth to tell, they don’t get icy much in Denver. We have excellent road-clearing crews, but mostly it’s just our high desert climate. The sun comes out and burns off everything on the roads, usually by 10 am. Then they’re just wet, and the next day they’re dry, and everything except the roads is still pretty and white.

I really like it here. 🙂

Convention Meetup

Are you in the Denver area and interested in writing at all? As a hobby, as a pastime, as a career, as a subject you don’t mind hearing about or would pretend to because you want some new friends?

Are you in town for Denvention 3, the 2008 World Science Fiction Convention? Do you have the slightest interest in meeting me, having me read your work and comment, or commenting on mine?

Let’s get together!

I will be hosting a breakfast on Sunday, August 10th from 7:30 to 9:30 am at the Quebec Street Panera Bread in the Stapleton area of Denver, Colorado. I would love to meet anyone and everyone who is interested, there. I will also have my Australian friend with me (come see the dancing Australian!) so you can listen to that yummy accent. He’s very friendly, even if he does insist on eating beets in his burgers.

Directions: On Highway 70, near where 270 takes off, is Quebec Street. You take Quebec north and it’s on the left side, in the shopping center. Turn at one of the lights and head for the south side of the shopping center nearest the road–you should be able to see it from Quebec if you’re looking. They have wi-fi, and I will buy everyone coffee. The yummy pastries and breakfast sandwiches and bagels and bread are up to you.