Fear and Desire Audiobook!

Hey folks, Fear and Desire has been turned into an audiobook! That’s right, you can now hear this erotic tale read out loud.

The first chapter is up for free as a sample! Check it out!


Steampunk Tale

It took me a surprisingly long time to finish it, but the steampunk story I intend to offer to Lyrical is finally done. It’s a steampunk adventure, with pirates and romantic elements.

It’s going through my critique group now, and my own revision process, and will be offered to them soon! Stay tuned!

New Review for Djinn

Djinn was reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed! Although she praised my writing, some parts of the story didn’t please the reviewer. Have you read it–do you agree? Let me know!

Fear and Desire gets 3.5 Cherries!

Fear and Desire is available at Lyrical!

The story has now been reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews, getting 3.5 out of 4 cherries. Go check it out and see what cost me that final half a cherry! 😉

Fear and Desire Cover

Hey everyone! The amazing process of editing Fear and Desire, which taught me so much it’s hard to believe, has resulted in many things. First and foremost of course, an excellent story, which is now complete and waiting for release. Secondly, in large part it taught me more about how to revise, which led to me revising some older writing for practice and with an eye to submitting it somewhere.

Anyway, here is the beautiful, ethereal cover of Fear and Desire. Enjoy!


In Other News…

Two posts on the same day, whodathunkit? But I wanted to let you know that my local critique group has now got its own website!

It’s a face to face critique group, with the basic format of putting our work on a private online group, then critiquing and meeting in person to discuss, and also to work in one another’s company. We read and write fantasy, science fiction and any other type of fiction. And even if you just like to read and critique, you’re welcome to come! The rest of the information is on the website: http://www.denverfictionwriters.com

We aren’t all about the erotica, that’s for sure, but there are some who are willing to write and read it. So if you’re local to Denver and have been doing it in the closet (pun very much intended) give us a try if you need critiques and career support.

Editing ‘Fear and Desire’

I really heart my publishers. Lyrical has instituted a pre-editing stage, when your work has been accepted, but before the editors get their claws–ahem, hands on it. During this stage, they give you a handbook and a checklist, and you do a LOT of work on the piece to correct errors that authors frequently make.

What a hugely valuable tool. Who would have thought it was helpful to do a search-and-destroy on words like ‘and’ or ‘the’? Yet it really, really is. And that’s only one example of this brilliant checklist.

I am humbled, shocked and mildly dismayed to find out how many ‘frequently made’ errors I am still making. I feel wrung out, and yet confident that my writing will be much improved.

In short, I’m learning how much I still have to learn. Yes, I’ve said that before, and I’ve learned it before. As a writer, as a woman, as a mother, as a human. I am still learning that I am still learning.

All I ask is the opportunity to go on learning that, for as long as I live.

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