Remember… you’re writing on paper, not carving in stone.

Your words need not be perfect… if you can get them down, you can revise them later. Even better, the next set of words you get down will be better. There’s no excuse not to write, if you’re a writer. Every word you write, on any subject and for any reason, will improve your work.

We have to get past the fear that it won’t be good enough. There’s no such thing as a word you shouldn’t have written. It’s on paper. It’s not carved in stone.



I’m working on the revisions for Disform. I’m not sure why. I have not yet gotten back the response from half my test audience, and have not gotten back critiques from all the people even on the first bit, much less the whole piece. But the excellent feedback from my dad and from one of my test audience has apparently been enough to hit the ‘time to revise’ button in my head. And if I think about it, it will be about two months, at the current pace, before all the critiques come back.

So I guess I’m working on it now. 🙂

And once revised, I shall begin sending it out. Anyone know any good paranormal young adult agents who might also do fantasy series?