Heart of Gold will have a sequel

My steampunk novel, Heart of Gold, is complete. It only awaits the final revisions before sending off. But for a further gift, a sequel has explained itself to me as well! I have begun work on Spark, the second in the series. So should I have a series title as well as a title for each novel? Does that make the book cover more cumbersome, or the series easier to remember? Should the series title be long, as in ‘Tales From the Widowmaker Fleet’… medium, as in ‘Widowmaker Fleet’… or short, just ‘Widowmaker’? What do you think?



I’m working now on the sequel to ‘Disform’. But I’m wondering how I can avoid giving the story sequelitis. What’s that, you ask?

Well, why is it that the first, or often the first three, of a series are quite good and then they just sort of start getting worse and worse? Is it because the author loses interest in the characters and they stop changing and growing? Is it because the readers (and possibly the author) were having a lot of fun learning how the world works, asking the big questions, growing into the series, and now that’s all gone and it’s just stories set in a world we know too well? Is it because the plotting seems to fail? What is it?

People who do NOT have this problem in their long series include Barbara Hambly, Lois McMaster Bujold, and George RR Martin, who suffers the opposite problem of having a whole series’ worth of new characters show up in each novel, and faces the real possibility of never having all those ends tied up before he dies… So how do these wonderful authors manage the trick?

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